Crowdfunding Tip – Don’t lift from Seth Godin’s Kickstarter project blurb!

My number one tip to project creators? Don’t be a copycat with your project description. And for goodness sake, don’t reproduce several chunks from the hugely publicised Kickstarter campaign – THE ICARUS DECEPTION: WHY MAKE ART? New from Seth Godin! Australian crowdfunding platform Pozible is reviewing its project vetting process after … Continue reading

Interview with Technoevangelist Fee Plumley about her crowdfunding project Really Big Road Trip

Fee Plumley is an artist, writer, consultant, speaker, and self confessed ‘technoevanglist‘. Plumley recently ran a project on Australian crowdfunding platform Pozible to get a bus and drive it around Australia. Through this trip Plumley will use the bus as a mobile digital arts space and create and share ‘geek … Continue reading

Australia produces world’s first crowdfunded TV series

After a successful fundraising campaign on Mobcaster, two twenty-somethings in Melbourne are busy producing the world’s first crowdfunded TV series, The Weatherman. Crowdfund it! spoke with the show’s co-creator and executive producer, Lucas Crandles, to find out more. Crowdfund it!: Hi Lucas. Your production company, Dark Heart Productions, raised $72,500 on Mobcaster (a … Continue reading