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Crowdfundit.com.au is designed to complement Anna Maguire’s Crowdfund it!, a  book published by Editia examining this fast-growing, multi-billion dollar phenomenon.

The book is a comprehensive guide to crowdfunding, featuring real insights from successful campaigns all over the world. Anna profiles dozens of crowdfunding websites, focusing particularly on 11 major platforms (including Pozible, Kickstarter, StartSomeGood and Unbound) with real life case studies demonstrating just how powerful this technology can be in the right hands. The book also contains a number of ‘How-to’ chapters to guide crowdfunding campaigners.

The Crowdfund it! blog features regular updates on crowdfunding platforms and advice. information from the blog will over time be added to the book to ensure it remains up to date. There is no regular schedule of blogging as it is fitted in around work priorities and family life.

Please follow @crowdfunditnow on Twitter for more regular updates on crowdfunding, and send suggestions for future posts there or to Anna via email.

Some questions received by Anna about features on the blog:

Q: I have a great crowdfunding project running now! Maybe you’d like to feature it on the blog?

A: Unlikely. I’d love to write more about crowdfunding but I can’t run features about specific campaigns. Blogging is done for the love but needs to be fitted around income generating jobs. Although at times I do reference specific campaigns on posts, these are chosen for specific reasons.

Q: I found your blog and hoped you could help me promote my campaign or offer me some feedback?

A: No, I’m afraid I can’t. I hope you’ve obtained a lot of feedback through the process of planning your campaign. If you buy Crowdfund it! then you’ll be able to get my advice within the book! Although I sometimes put out a tweet if the project looks good I can’t take the time to review all the projects I get approached about.

Happy Crowdfunding!


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    • Thanks for visiting the site. I’ve approved the comment as I don’t have time to blog about your film. Do love the sound of the concept though: “Post-apocalyptic sci-fi of a young man who survives the apocalypse and is left stranded in a world of mutants, cannibals and looters.”.
      Good luck with your campaign!

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