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Crowdfund it! publisher Editia is a new digital first book business devoted to longform journalism and non-fiction shorts.

The name Editia (pronounced “edeesha”) is derived from the Latin “editio” meaning the “publishing of a book” or “an announcement”.

Our ebook and print on demand program provides the ideal platform for works that are too long for newspapers, magazines and websites, but not long enough to justify publication in a traditional printed book.

Titles in our list are between 10,000 and 35,000 words in length. They may be extensions of magazine features or newspaper articles; reinterpretations of academic, government or business research; or completely original works. They may contain hard news journalism, quirky and unusual feature-style content, or practical infotainment.

We are already in talks with authors about titles in the fields of the arts, culture, literature, media, travel, technology, politics, business, economics, science, sport, crime, society, life and food, and seek to build our list in these areas.

Our high-speed production schedule – a product of founder and publisher Charlotte Harper’s digital journalism heritage – gives us flexibility to publish and update newsworthy books in a timely manner. Social media allows us to keep readers in the loop.

Editia is based in Australia but all of our titles are available globally – and where possible, DRM-free.

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