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Anna Maguire

Crowdfund it! author Anna Maguire is a Sydney-based consultant and blogger specialising in digital training and strategy. She writes, talks and teaches about digital publishing and crowdfunding through her consultancy Digireado.

Anna has worked in book publishing and digital content for 25 years. She is a former head of production and interactive at Random House Australia and is a passionate advocate for digital developments in the book industry and the emerging Australian ebook and app market. She is a graduate of the Yale Publishing Course and has appeared at the Sydney Writers’ Festival and Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. Anna conducts training for editing and publishing students at Macleay College on a regular basis, and lecturers to Master of Publishing students at Sydney University. Anna has also run workshops for authors at The Australian Society of Authors and NSW Writers Centre, among others.

Already at work on a separate title commissioned by Editia, in early 2012 Anna approached founder + publisher Charlotte Harper with the idea for a short book on crowdfunding. Crowdfund it! went on to become the digital publishing start-up’s first title. Anna subsequently joined Editia’s corporate advisory board, consulting on production, marketing and publishing industry developments.

Anna blogs on the Digireado website, www.digireado.com.au, and at www.crowdfundit.com.au. She is also on Twitter (@digireado and @crowdfunditnow) and Facebook (facebook.com/digireado).

You can contact Anna via email on


anna (at) digireado (dot) com (dot) au.

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7 thoughts on “About Anna

  1. Over the last 2 years I have been working on a book, that is based on 10 years of research on how the brain processes information, and how we can copy those processes. This 10 years of research was self-funded from the proceeds of a sale of a computer security technology to IBM in 2003. I am writing the book in the same style as Jeff Hawkins “On Intelligence” and Ray Kurzweil “The Singularity is Near” e.g. for the interested, non-technical person. I will need funding to publish and promote the book, as well as the next book on the same subject. I am looking at about $40,000 for each book. The neuro-morphic technology that I developed will need $4 million to create an ASIC chip that has the complexity of an Intel microprocessor, but learns rather than being programmed. Do you think that the books can be crowd-funded? What about the $4 million for the chip?

    • Hello Peter
      Thanks for visiting http://www.crowdfundit.com.au and leaving such direct questions! Your work sounds very interesting, although to someone without knowledge of this area, very complex as well! Congratulations on your ten years of research into such an important area. Could you crowdfund the books? And the ASIC chip? My answer would have to be ‘in theory you can’. Books are certainly crowdfunding in Australia, however generally without such targetted appeal or high funding levels. It would need some focus to ensure the book project was described so that it could pick up your intended general audience, ie the “interested non-technical person”. However $40,000 is a pretty big target at this stage let alone twice. Your contact list would need to be extensive and the planning well executed.

      As for the ASIC chip? To date the record in Australian crowdfunding is over @243,000, held by a Pozible project by IRL Shooter- an immersive role play involving fighting zombies. Of course Pozible is for creative projects, as is Kickstarter. Without knowing anything about your subject it seems as though your chip may be more suitable to a site crowdfunding research – like https://www.microryza.com/. However I note they only accept research projects from US and Canada. Are you working in partnership with anyone from the US?

      I hope this has been of some help!

    • Have a look at Muru-D.com A Telstra initiative to fund innovation. I think to be successful you need to think of the next stage to the book–such as on-going research site .Then email me as I am researching how entrepreneurs and ideas people think–It is not all about Steve Jobs. It is also about deep conservative geniuses at CERN thinking laterally about deep space. This is no place for Steve

      • Thanks for the comment John. Muru-d.com looks interesting and has some heavyweight mentors on the program too! Nice to see some familiar names in Pete Cooper and Matt Barrie.

  2. Dear. Anna.

    Hi, Anna.
    My name is Shawn, Park who lived in sydney for 14years since I moved from S.Korea.
    Last year, I moved up to Brisbane about a year ago.(Wish I knew Crowd-Funding Earlier, then I would have find you and chasing you :)).

    The reason for this E-mail is to know how to start the crowd-funding start-up and any advice to be successful platform.

    My profession is actually Chiropractor. I’ve been practicing in Sydney for 2 years then I moved up here in Brisbane.
    Throughout my profession, it is always great that when my patient say “thank you” for what I’ve done to them even a small help and to the big help(Hopefully..).

    As I’m Christian and I always ask my lord to show me a vision of life.
    One day, I realised that god tried to tell me about my vision every moment and I was the one did not listen.

    It was helping more and more people with positive mind, genuine intention of care and achieving with people I love.

    Then I have pray for bigger dream to god, and he showed me the way of helping more people in modern days, it is “Crowd Funding”.

    Nowadays, SNS needs to be use for right purpose.
    I certainly believed that by having more people online and more people looking for help and opportunity, crowd-funding and talent-funding is the way of right use and right path for my vision.

    So if you could give me any ideas or advices so that I can achieve my vision by creating crowd-funding platform, that would be truly helpful.

    Thank you for reading this hassle E-mail and I’m looking forward to hear from you.

    PS: Would it be ok if I send you more and more E-mails with questions?…..

    Yours Sincerely,
    Shawn Sang Young, Park
    0414 350 101

    • Hello Shawn and thanks for your contact. Why not email me and I can try and clarify exactly what you want to know. I’m not sure what you mean by SNS? Social Networking Site? You can find my details on the contact page. Thanks. Anna

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