Seasons Greetings and Happy Crowdfunding in 2015


Wishing you all a safe holiday season and good times with friends and family.

2014 was another big year and I wanted to think about some of the highlights for me.

  • Edition 3 of Crowdfund it! published. A lot of work goes into updating and my thanks to my Publisher Charlotte Harper from Editia in her continued support and work on this title.
  • I’ve had the pleasure of being asked to speak about crowdfunding at some amazing and interesting events including:
  • Being excited about the developments in crowdfunding, both worldwide and in Australia.

I found much less time to blog this year between working on crowdfunding, teaching and talking about digital publishing and managing the two tiny terrors (my foster children) and the unreasonably short school or pre-school hours.

Due to the fact that the youngest of the tiny terrors will finally be starting school, I will, for the first time in nearly six years have part of five days a week free. Woohoo! That gives me two extra (short) days a week and therefore I have some 2015 resolutions!

  • Continue to support Aussie crowdfunding platforms and developments.
  • Blog more often than I managed to do in 2014! And that includes the FIRST blog of 2015 on OzCrowd as I’ve been meaning to do this for ages! My thanks in the meantime to Nick Karolidis, Director over at OzCrowd for his patience in waiting for the post and also for letting me know any information on the platforms page that needs updating. Much appreciated Nick!
  • To write a list of all the current and emerging Aussie platforms focussing on crowdsourced equity funding.
  • To promote and participate in The Crowd Funding Institute of Australia. If you don’t know about CFIA, then head on over to the website or Facebook Page and find out more.
  • To work with selected crowdfunders on their campaigns to give them the best chance of success. Due to limited time I can only cherrypick those projects that meet my criteria of social change or publishing.

If you are interested in crowdfunding then you may want to contribute to the discussion paper being prepared by Treasury with input required by February 2015.

Happy Christmas and a safe and fun start to 2015!

Anna Maguire, December 2014. 

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