Crowdfunding by RipeNearMe at #StartingGood Digital Summit!

The lovely people over at StartSomeGood asked me to be part of their #StartingGood Digital Summit in October 2014.


I was really excited to interview Alistair Martin from RipeNearMe – a brilliant initiative. This crowdfunding project to create change has to be one my favourite ones – it makes so very much sense. The concept behind RipeNearMe is simple – we buy our fresh food from supermarkets and frankly, the food isn’t that fresh is it? No matter the slogan. After growing and picking there is a lot of time before it actually appears in the supermarkets. Trucking. Storage. Retailing. While in theory I really want to grow more fresh food, my vegetable and herb growing commitment falters between a busy life. Sadly the weeds have a stronger commitment.

RipeNearMe maps edible plants growing on public land & food grown by ordinary citizens. Find, share, swap, buy or sell. They ran a crowdfunding campaign on StartSomeGood that raised over A$25,000 to help support their initiative.

To view our chat at the #StartingGood Digital Summit, click on the Google+ link below.

The video runs for just over 26 minutes, so if you’re short of time you can also read the #Storify of our chat.

Find out more about RipeNearMe on their website, Facebook or Twitter. Support, populate, propagate. Do Good, StartSomeGood.

PS: Let me know if you have any problems with viewing the video on G+. At this stage, that was the only place I could upload easily such a large file. Any suggestions welcome as to best manage large video files!

Anna Maguire, November 2014.

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