Kickstarter to open up to Australian & NZ Crowdfunding…. soon!

Kickstarter Aust/NZNews of the day – and huge news – is that Kickstarter will be open to Australian and New Zealand projects very soon! Sign up on this page to be kept informed and let them know what sort of projects you may be interested in launching with them.

Update: Kickstarter launch 13/11/13 to Australian and New Zealand projects. I’ll be posting soon with some projects on ‘go-live’ day!

Kickstarter opened up to UK-based creatives in October 2012, then in June 2013 announced that Canadians would be able to launch their projects in their summer. They are now accepting projects from Canada, with a launch date of 9 September 2013. Clearly expansion to other English speaking countries was on the cards but I assumed it may take a little bit longer. No word on launch date yet but based on the UK roll-out we can expect projects to be live within three months or less.

This will shake up Australian crowdfunding considerably. Obviously Australians have been wanting to use Kickstarter and some had managed to do so. This was either by working with US or UK partners, or some by less clear methods. Certainly one Australian I spoke to while researching Crowdfund it! declined to be used as a case study for Kickstarter as they didn’t want to highlight the way they had got around the regulations! Happily though, I ended up speaking to Phil Bosua from LIFX and this has been an inspirational story to follow.

This is a huge validation of crowdfunding in Australia (and New Zealand) and hope that we’re going to see some exciting and highly funded projects come through Kickstarter. However, naturally enough, as a proud Australian I also like the ‘go local and keep the money in our country’ philosophy. Australian platforms like Pozible are creating jobs for Australians and have local knowledge and relationships that help the creatives using their sites. So I do feel very excited about having Kickstarter accept Australian and NZ projects, but with a bit of mixed emotion.

PS: A big thank you to Kylie Gusset for tipping me off about this news!

How do you think this will change crowdfunding in Australia?

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Author: Anna Maguire, August 2013

4 thoughts on “Kickstarter to open up to Australian & NZ Crowdfunding…. soon!

  1. Glad they’re finally establishing a presence here. If gumtree has shown us anything it’s that a big international (ok, US) firm doesn’t spell the end for local businesses if you can differentiate.

    I too am a firm believer in keeping it local. What I see the benefit of Kickstarter coming to Australia is that, far from seeing a mass shift of users from sites like Pozible to Kickstarter, we will instead be exposing Aussies to a much bigger pool of funders as I think it would be fair to say that most US Kickstarter users only use the one site to look at new projects. This will hopefully result in a net inward flow of funds to the country in the crowdfunding sector.

    • Thanks for commenting Paul. And you are correct. Gumtree has a great community presence that has succeeded here with their classified ads.

      I like your point that Kickstarter, and for that point the focus of Indiegogo with an Australian representative, will bring funds to the country of the successful crowdfunders. Thanks for pointing that out!


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